About Us

GF4G circling the globe in pursuit of giving the best way of life to all!

Our Story

Global Force 4 Giving (GF4G) began it’s journey in pursuing the very best way of life for all early in 2017 when Founder Joseph Russell, a volunteer in various community services decided to take decisive action. 

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Many of his co-volunteers were in need themselves of affordable housing and improved credit and economics.  In addition to experiencing all the above first hand Mr. Russell has a passion for clean, renewable energy systems and knew alternative sustainable energy is what the planet desperately needs.

Those insights served as inspiration to start Global Force 4 Giving. Mr. Russell Founded and began Global Force 4 Giving not only to address one aspect of his interest, concerns and passion but all of them under one managing nonprofit organization, a bold endeavor to be sure but he knew that with massive action, leadership and like minded support little miracles could happen each new day. Mr. Russell was confident that aggressively pursuing all his relief efforts would bring some comfort and relief to some while providing an outlet to other like minded sympathetic givers to experience the same joy and satisfaction that comes from giving and making a positive difference.

Shinning another spotlight on the above area’s of need would inspire other groups, organizations and individuals to join the pursuit of the “Best Way of Life” and benefit many around the globe.

In January 2019 Global Force 4 Giving was launched and in April 2019 was duly recognized by the Federal Internal Revenue as a 501 (c) (3) and classified a Public Charity.

From this humble beginning with many helping hands and donations GF4G is in hot pursuit of giving the best way of life to all!

Founder: Joseph Russell

Our Plan

Your donation will change the life of a low-income family by providing affordable housing and financial and credit assistance to help improve there quality of life. The environment will improve with every renewable, sustainable power systems installed.


Spread the word about our programs. Even a small donation will make a huge difference.

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Work with Us

Give the gift of knowledge and future with us.

Mission and ethics statement

  • Minimizing the suffering and hardship of others is our number one priority. If not for the disadvantage we would not be here.
  • We have chosen to help our disadvantage fellow man sort through there distresses and put their lives back in order. We view this as a sacred trust and must be there for them with open hands and hearts.
  • We are here to help them get through the big as well as the little obstacles that life has to throw at them.
  • We are here for all those we seek to assist, on good days as well as bad days, for they know and understand that it takes time and real effort to produce results.
  • Our goal is to make each one feel that they are our most important concern.
  • We will utilize our talents and ability to show those we seek to help that we are there for each and every one of them.

Address the urgent need for affordable housing for low income and homeless folks in our communities.


Purpose of educating the world to the beneficial uses of renewable energy resources and systems.

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