Credit and Debt Counseling / Financial Empowerment

First a reality check

A vital element in becoming financially solvent starts with your credit rating and eliminating personal debt. We are here to assist our clients do just that and truly improve their financial health.

When going through our debt consolidation and credit enhancement program here is what you can expect to achieve.

  • Get an instant pay raise via correcting your employee W4 form and receiving an increase on your next paycheck. We complete the form for you.
  • Start a home-based business on a shoe-string budget and turn your present expenses into a business expense and get a greater tax refund.
  • Increase your credit score (We have proven strategies) and, pay less interest, pay off debt, save money or invest the difference. “You are never short of money, you are lacking ideas.” “It’s what you don’t know about finances that’s keeping you broke”
  • This information/opportunity is for everyone willing to take massive action and take back control of both the lives of themselves and that of their loved ones. YOU CAN DO THIS! LET’S DO IT TOGETHER! TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION! YOUR LIFE CAN START AGAIN! Your participation in this program supports GF4G domestic and global giving! Enjoy the very Best Way of Living with us.

Second reality check

The things you never imagined would happen. Just take a look around you, and you will see the things that you though would never ever happen and they did happen such as:

  • You and your family are homeless
  • You can’t find a safe, clean and reasonably priced home you could afford for your family
  • Rent would increase above what the average person could afford to pay.
  • A person earning $13.25 per hour would have to work seventy-nine hours a week to pay for a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles and many major cities.
  • Homeless people working a good-paying job and are homeless due to poor credit scores.
  • You have a college degree and cannot find a job.

Some of the biggest what if’s that approaching!


Renting a room versus renting an apartment becomes the norm?

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You lose your job due to illness, termination, business closure?

Stay prepared for the what if’s

Take massive action now! Change your life for the better and for those you love now!