Our Team

GF4G will circle the globe in pursuit of giving the best way of life to all!

Board Chair/CEO/President

Joseph Russell is the Founder and CEO of Global Force 4 Giving. A native of Wilmington, N.C. and raised in New York City. Mr. Russell is a fervent learner who discovered his passion for entrepreneurship as an 18 year old when he started his first business in New York City, a residential painting service for major apartment owners.

Through the years Mr. Russell started several businesses as he continued to learn the fundamentals of business development from mentors and various business courses and real life work experiences. Mr. Russell passed up traditional college to start his own businesses and truly believes in the major force small business generates on the global economy. Among his work experience is over 20 years of real estate investment and development. Mr. Russell as Founder and CEO of GF4G had to wear many hats initially including manager, marketer, researcher, fundraiser, volunteer coordinator and strategist. Mr. Russell’s goal is to expand the nonprofit global activities with the help of many other talented and compassionate team members.

Outside of Global Force 4 Giving Mr. Russell enjoys various other community service volunteer work with the focus of improving the family life of those in his community. He also enjoys the great outdoors and travel abroad.

Board Member/Secretary

Secretary for GF4G entered the world of business at age 16, when she became an independent distributor for Avon, a Direct Marketing Business. Sharon’s passion for the ‘business world’ grew as she became involved in other direct marketing enterprises as well as establishing her own businesses. 

Some of the businesses she established involved marketing international coffees and opening a child care center. Sharon became aware of GF4G and immediately saw an opportunity to align herself with an organization moving forward in noble and humanitarian causes. Having personally been involved in rescuing homeless animals as well as being involved in other community volunteer work, Sharon finds the mission of GF4G one that is dear to her heart. Sharon is working hard to support that mission. In her leisure time Sharon enjoys cooking, gardening, canning, sewing and reading educational books.

Board Member/IT Management

Warren recently joined the Board has held various positions in computer server management, solutions engineering, project management, network design to name just a few. Working for global companies such as EDS, Hewlett Packard has led him to supporting such industries as Homeland Security, Cal-Trans, CHP and Continental Airlines.

Now he is excited to contribute his IT knowledge to supporting GF4G activities. Mr. Holyfield love’s people of all backgrounds, color and ethnicities. Mr. Holyfield is also engaged in community out reach services, disaster relief, volunteer construction programs and pro bono IT support for nonprofit organizations.

Board Member/Division Management

Alfredo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer IT. Mr. Garcia is highly results oriented in web development. Highly educated in various programming languages and coding. Mr Garcia has held IT Project Management positions and Computer IT Security for Universities abroad. 

On any given weekend you can find Mr. Garcia cooking Pupusas for friends and family in his backyard to the delight of all. He also spends a meaningful amount of time in community educational work.

Board Member Technical Project Manager

A native of Palermo, Sicily, Migrated to the US 30 + years ago and still holding to the traditional family unity and hardworking values instilled in him. Tony has 30 years experience in the technical field, worked in various positions from technician to management. Tony volunteers mentoring in the community encouraging family unity, and public speaking.

Tony enjoys nature walks, fishing,  traveling. On his off days you can find Tony indulged in his garden planting vegetables for his tasty Italian home dishes.

HR/Accounting Department

Emily Barrett has had a long career as a payroll professional, with strengths in payroll, Human Resources and office managing. Emily’s organizational and analytical skills are the inspiration for wanting to join them team.

Office Manager

Tony a retiree since 2016 joined GF4G as General Manager. Tony’s professional career spanned 40 years with Southern California Edison. Tony worked as an energy management investigator and supervisor. In his capacity of GM, Tony coordinates the various divisions including renewable and sustainable energy activities. Tony enjoys performing as a vocalist and loves international travel.

Customer Service / Product Procurement

Claudia has over 20 years experience in retail customer service and inventory control. Her duties include product selection and facility layout and design.

Claudia finds the perfect outlet to express her love of people and her caring nature in support of our local and global relief efforts. 

Office Supervisor

Born and raised in So California with experience in tourism, has worked in several capacities during her career with the airlines. Fluent in Spanish and Italian,  contributes to the community in mentoring and assisting those in need of support. Hobbies include nature trail walks, gardening and learning new experiences to enrich lives.

Research & Social Media Manager

Raphael is a natural when it comes to research, having a professional background as a paralegal. His passion is all things tech with special attention to social media outlets. 

On any given day you will find Raphael engrossed and delving into the cloud and cyber space, his happy place, for greater knowledge and awareness of his subjects of interest which is vast. Raphael, our in house Tech and Social Media Geek.

Animal Care Specialist

Steven has a natural love for animals with a passion to love and care for our furry little friends. Steven has joined our No Kill Sanctuary and has a lot of tender love and care to share to all our rescued animals.

Fund Raising Executive

Raphael is a natural when it comes to research, having a professional background as a paralegal. His passion is all things tech with special attention to social media outlets. 

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